Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Deauville

Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Deauville

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      Taxi booking without prepayment!

      Book a transfer via messenger in 2 clicks

      Support 24/7


      Taxi from Paris to Deauville

      No prepayment! Cash pay! Free cancellation!

      Order a taxi from Paris to Deauville with no prepayment. Our English-speaking driver will take you to Deauville from Paris or the airport in sedan and Mercedes V class minivans. Meeting with a sign and waiting at the airport – free of charge. When ordering a return transfer – we give a discount!

      How to book a taxi from Paris to Deauville

      To book a taxi you need to submit a request via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form, where you need to specify:

      • Date & Time of departure
      • Number of people
      • Hotel name or address in Paris
      • Special requests (child seat, etc.)

      The administrator will immediately respond and accept the order.
      If you are planning a transfer to Deauville from the airport, you need to provide the flight number, time and date of arrival.

      How much does a taxi from Paris to Deauville cost?

      The cost of a taxi from Paris to Deauville starts from 270 euros (the price depends on the class of the car).
      Payment can be made in cash, with no advance payment required! Card-to-card transfers are also possible!

      The cost of the taxi ride includes:

      • 15 minutes waiting
      • All toll roads
      • Child seat
      • Wi-Fi in the car
      • Water in the car

      The cost of the ride from Paris to Deauville is fixed.
      The price will not change under any circumstances.


      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes E Class
      Price: from €40/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes Sprinter
      Price: from €59/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes V class
      Price: from €80/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes S-class
      Price: from €40/hour

      3 Reasons to Visit Deauville

      Deauville is located on the coast of La Manche, situated on the banks of the River Touques. The resort attracts with its charming half-timbered houses, fresh oysters, and a peaceful atmosphere.

      1. Deauville was built under the patronage of Charles de Moni, a distant relative of Napoleon Bonaparte. The place was originally created for the upper aristocracy. A wide sandy beach with cold water even in summer is present in both towns. Deauville is famous for Coco Chanel’s “beach revolution.” In 1913, she was the first to openly swim and sunbathe. Newspapers wrote about this bold act. This is where the fashion for tight swimsuits and tanning started. The first full-fledged Chanel boutique with clothing collections was opened in Deauville.

      2. Deauville is known for its beach cabins in the art deco style, named after Hollywood stars. A reminder of the annual international film festival held here. You can rent a cabin nearby and feel like a movie star.

      3. There is a green lighthouse here.

      Car rental with a driver from Paris to Deauville

      An individual transfer with an English-speaking driver allows you to explore all the city’s attractions, visit the shops, relax in a café or entertainment center. Throughout this time, the driver will patiently wait for their passengers, transporting them from one place to another. If necessary, the driver can provide information in English and share the history of Deauville along the route. They will have an answer to any tourist’s question and can suggest and help find what is needed.

      Taxi from Paris to Deauville

      Where is Deauville

      Visiting Paris is not limited to seeing the Eiffel Tower and contemplating the Mona Lisa. The northern region of France has a lot to offer even the most seasoned tourist. You can take a taxi and leave Paris for the beach in Normandy – Deauville. Normandy is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The English Channel connects the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and is located between the coasts of France and Great Britain.

      Climate and Weather

      The geographical location also influences the climate of the area: it rains frequently here. The temperature in July reaches an average of 25 degrees during the day and drops to 15 degrees at night. The average water temperature is around 15 degrees. This climate is perfect for those who prefer a moderate climate, enjoy the sound of the ocean, and long walks.


      Normandy is not particularly known for its beaches, but local residents enjoy swimming in the ocean, and during weekends, tourists from Paris and various parts of France come to the coast. The beaches here are sandy. Deauville is one of the most tourist-friendly beaches. They have umbrellas and lounge chairs available for rent. It is said to be a favorite spot for French millionaires. The water temperature warms up to 23 degrees in July. When focusing on beach relaxation in Normandy, it is important to remember that tides and low tides are characteristic of the ocean.

      Taxi from Deauville to Paris

      The most optimal option is to use the services of “” company and organize the transfer from Paris to Deauville in the most efficient way. In this case, you will arrive on time at the agreed time.

      Transfer from Deauville to Paris – easy!
      This option is suitable not only for transfers from Paris to Deauville, but also for making a return transfer, as well as ordering a taxi from Deauville to Paris for your guests.

      We are available to answer your call 24 hours, 7 days a week!

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