Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Versailles

Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Versailles

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      Taxi booking without prepayment!

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      Taxi from Paris to Versailles

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      From Paris to Versailles, you can reach by taxi with an English-speaking driver. You can book a personal transfer on our online service in just two clicks. Without registration and prepayment, you can send a message on WhatsApp or fill out the feedback form. Versailles is located in the southwest, 24 kilometers away from Paris. It is famous not only for the Palace of Versailles but also for many other interesting things.

      How to book a taxi from Paris to Versailles

      To book a taxi you need to submit a request via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form, where you need to specify:

      • Date & Time of departure
      • Number of people
      • Hotel name or address in Paris
      • Special requests (child seat, etc.)

      The administrator will immediately respond and accept the order.
      If you are planning a transfer to Versailles from the airport, you need to provide the flight number, time and date of arrival.

      How much does a taxi from Paris to Versailles cost?

      The cost of a taxi from Paris to Versailles starts from 50 euros (the price depends on the class of the car).
      Payment can be made in cash, with no advance payment required! Card-to-card transfers are also possible!

      The cost of the taxi ride includes:

      • 15 minutes waiting
      • All toll roads
      • Child seat
      • Wi-Fi in the car
      • Water in the car

      The cost of the ride from Paris to Versailles is fixed.
      The price will not change under any circumstances.


      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes E Class
      Price: from €40/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes Sprinter
      Price: from €59/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes V class
      Price: from €80/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes S-class
      Price: from €40/hour

      Distance from Paris Airports to Versailles

      Transfer to Versailles can be arranged not only from Paris, but also from the airports.

      Paris (city) - Versailles30 km
      Orly Airport - Versailles23 km
      Beauvais Airport - Versailles99 km
      Charles de Gaulle Airport - Versailles47 km
      Disneyland Paris - Versailles63 km
      Asterix Park Paris - Versailles62 km

      Versailles Palace Attractions

      It was built during the reign of Louis XIII. Versailles was a royal residence for a long time, where many state matters were decided. This is probably the main place that tourists should visit.

      Montreuil Palace
      It was built in honor of Louis XVI’s sister, by his order. In terms of luxury and wealth, this palace is similar to the royal one. There is a park on the territory that can be freely visited. Various cultural events are held here. This park is adorned with huge sequoias, a true decoration of Versailles.

      Grand Trianon
      It is located two kilometers away from the main palace. It can be reached by foot or by a specially designated train. The palace park has an ancient garden, beautiful alleys, fountains, and many other interesting things. It is very pleasant to take a walk and relax here on a hot day.

      Petit Trianon
      The Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon together form a unified work of park art. It was built at the request of one of Louis XV’s mistresses. However, she did not live to see the completion of the building. After some time, Marie Antoinette became the owner of the palace.

      Hall of Mirrors
      It was created during the time of the Sun King. In those times, it had a different name – the Grand Gallery. It served as a connection between the bedrooms of the king and queen. Later, the king held receptions for various ambassadors here. Through this gallery, the king demonstrated the opulence of the entire Versailles Palace.

      Latona Fountain
      It is a decoration of Versailles. It is considered one of the most popular fountains in the world.

      Taxi from Versailles to Paris

      If you have not booked a return transfer from Versailles to Paris or the airport, you can do it on our online service and order a taxi from Versailles to Paris with an English-speaking driver.

      To order a taxi, simply contact the manager by phone or WhatsApp.

      What entertainment is available in Versailles

      For golf enthusiasts, it is worth visiting Golf de la Boulie. The city is surrounded by greenery and it is inviting to play this aristocratic game. Many excursions are also organized here.

      For those who enjoy shooting, it is worth visiting Tir National de Versailles. This establishment is located in the former residence of the kings.

      To experience the thrill of driving cars in Versailles and get an adrenaline rush, you can visit Speed Park.

      To watch the latest movies, you can visit the Roxan and Cyrano cinemas. There is a good selection of films here.

      In Versailles, you can see theatrical performances at the Sun Theater. To relax and unwind, there are spa salons located here.

      Romantic couples should definitely spend an evening at the O’Paris bar.

      There are plenty of entertainment options in Versailles, both calm and lively.

      Shopping in Versailles

      Franprix is one of the well-known stores in Versailles and Paris. It is very big. The supermarket attracts tourists not only with its size but also with affordable prices.

      There are many souvenir shops in the city. Visitors should pay attention to the Civite Royale store. Here you can find interesting souvenirs at reasonable prices.

      For people on a small budget, it is worth visiting the Monoprix store. Here you will find a wide selection of groceries and cosmetics at very low prices (by Paris standards). There are many varieties of cheese available.

      For those who enjoy wandering around markets, it is worth visiting the largest market in Versailles. Here you can buy clothes, beautiful jewelry, various souvenirs, and antiques. The prices here are affordable.

      For those who want to have a picnic, there is a good store located near the Versailles Park. Here you will find a wide selection of ready-made dishes. You can buy drinks, salads, sandwiches, and many delicious things for a wonderful picnic.

      The Depot-Vente store will delight the fairer sex. Here you can buy things at different prices. Women who do not spare money on clothes and thrifty ladies can buy clothes here. You can find a beautiful outfit and Parisian accessories at a reasonable price.

      Versailles is a beautiful city with its own history. No matter how you decide to travel from Paris to Versailles – by taxi or public transfer – in any case, you can be impressed for a long time!

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