Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Disneyland

Private Transfer and Taxi from Paris to Disneyland

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      Taxi booking without prepayment!

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      Taxi from Paris to Disneyland

      No prepayment! Cash pay! Free cancellation!

      From Paris to Disneyland, you can reach by taxi with an English-speaking driver. You can book a personal transfer on our online service without registration and prepayment. Transfer to Disneyland can be ordered using Mercedes V class minibuses (7 passengers) and Mercedes E class cars.

      How to book a taxi from Paris to Disneyland

      To book a taxi you need to submit a request via WhatsApp, email, or the contact form, where you need to specify:

      • Date & Time of departure
      • Number of people
      • Hotel name or address in Paris
      • Special requests (child seat, etc.)

      The administrator will immediately respond and accept the order.
      If you are planning a transfer to Disneyland from the airport, you need to provide the flight number, time and date of arrival.

      How much does a taxi from Paris to Disneyland cost?

      The cost of a taxi from Paris to Disneyland starts from 50 euros (the price depends on the class of the car).
      Payment can be made in cash, with no advance payment required! Card-to-card transfers are also possible!

      The cost of the taxi ride includes:

      • 15 minutes waiting
      • All toll roads
      • Child seat
      • Wi-Fi in the car
      • Water in the car

      The cost of the ride from Paris to Disneyland is fixed.
      The price will not change under any circumstances.


      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes E Class
      Price: from €40/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes Sprinter
      Price: from €59/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes V class
      Price: from €80/hour
      Taxi in Paris by Mercedes S-class
      Price: from €40/hour

      Distance from Paris to Disneyland

      Paris (city) - Disneyland41 km
      Orly Airport - Disneyland47 km
      Beauvais Airport - Disneyland122 km
      Charles de Gaulle Airport - Disneyland50 km
      Disneyland Paris - Versailles64 km
      Asterix Park Paris - Disneyland64 km

      What you need to know before transferring to Disneyland Paris

      Disneyland is a real fairy tale for children and their parents. Many people dream of visiting there. The amusement park was opened in 1992, although it was not the first of its kind (the first Disneyland appeared in the USA), this park became the most visited and popular among tourists. Every year, more than 12 million tourists come to Paris to visit Disneyland. After all, by coming here, adults can immerse themselves in their childhood, and children enter a magical world of entertainment.

      The area of the Parisian amusement park is huge, almost 2,000 hectares, where there are 55 carousels and roller coasters. When you come here, it is better to buy a guidebook, as the park is so large that it is impossible to see everything in one day.

      The Parisian amusement park is divided into several magical lands – the land of adventures, the land of discoveries, the land of fantasies, the Wild West, and Walt Disney Studios. And the main highlight of Disneyland Park is definitely the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Near the castle, at the end of the day, there will be an amazing show and, of course, the famous fireworks. Here, at the main entrance to the park, guests are awaited by a real train that will transfer them to all the magical worlds.

      Taxi from Paris to Disneyland

      What to visit in Disneyland

      Main Street, USA
      At the very beginning of the fairy path is “Main Street, USA”. Here you can find a train station, shops, restaurants, and even a hair salon. The street is designed in the 19th-century American style and it leads to the symbol of the park, Sleeping Beauty Castle. The parade of familiar Disney characters also takes place here.

      Walt Disney Studios
      Turning off this street, visitors enter Walt Disney Studios, which was completed in 2002. Here, you can ride attractions and visit shops, each of which is related to the theme of Disney movies and cartoons. Disneyland also houses the most famous American roller coasters, on which visitors can hear songs by the famous band Aerosmith. In the Walt Disney Studios, a mesmerizing stunt show by professional drivers takes place three times a day. They will perform fantastic tricks in their cars. It is better to secure a seat in the stands to watch the popular show in advance, as there are always many visitors. By the way, you mainly have to move between attractions on foot. There is no taxi transfer (except for the train) between the attractions. Therefore, if you plan to visit Disneyland from Paris in one day, you may not be able to see everything.

      “Adventure Land”
      Next, Disneyland tourists are presented with a magical “adventure land”, which is more appealing to the male audience. Here, you can have a great time on a huge pirate ship, climb into the “Robinson’s Refuge” that is built on a tree. You will also have to wait in line for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction, anticipating the boat that will take you on an exciting journey through the pirate cave, where many unexpected and frightening characters await. This attraction is designed for the bravest young adventurers. For those who are hungry, there is a very good restaurant called “Blue Lagoon”, where you can replenish your energy for further exploration.

      “Country of Discoveries”
      Upon reaching this part of Disneyland, visitors are transported to the future. In the local flight simulator, everyone can test their skills, experience an adrenaline rush on roller coasters, and take a transfer on a huge karting track. Here, you can witness a fantastic laser show. “Country of Discoveries” will leave no one indifferent and will provide a variety of emotions.

      This section will be most interesting for the youngest guests as it houses the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Here, children will learn about the history of Snow White, take a ride on the Road of Horrors, and “fly like Peter Pan” on a funicular over the fairytale land called Disneyland. Here, children will get acquainted with the cultures and lifestyles of people from all around the world. After lunch, a mesmerizing parade of princesses dressed in breathtaking outfits begins in this place, enchanting everyone with its beauty.

      “Wild West”
      “Wild West” is one of the smallest areas in the amusement park in Paris. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the times of Native Americans and cowboys, watch the thrilling shows of “Tarzan” and “Mickey Mouse,” and daredevils can visit the “Haunted House”. In this section of the park, there is a zoo where you can take a stroll, observe the animals, and even feed them.

      How to get to Disneyland from Paris

      In addition to all these enchanting countries, attractions, and restaurants, there is a hotel and a large golf course on the territory of Disneyland Paris. Therefore, if you plan to spend several days at Disneyland, you can stay at a local hotel. Many tourists come here by taxi directly from the airport. There is also parking available for guests who come by car.

      There are two ways to get to Disneyland: by car and by train, there are no special buses to Disneyland due to the excessive congestion of the highway in this direction. But the most popular transfer to Disneyland from Paris is by taxi. Because most people come here with children. And who knows better than mothers that the most expensive thing during a vacation is the comfort and tranquility of a child. Therefore, if you have decided to go to Disneyland from Paris by taxi, it is the most reliable choice.

      It is worth noting that it is better to buy tickets in advance due to the numerous queues at the ticket office in the park.

      In winter, Disneyland is no less charming, but despite the fact that all the attractions are open, the queues here are much smaller than in summer. Absolutely all tourists who have visited Disneyland once fall in love with this place forever. After all, it is a real childhood dream come true!

      No matter which way you decide to go to Disneyland from Paris – by booking a taxi transfer or by car – in any case, it will be a grandiose trip that every child is looking forward to with pleasure.

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